Second episode of the series, Acklay squad is sent downwards into the planet and recieves new orders; find and board a enemy frigate.


Acklay Squad is sent to find and infiltrate a Geonosian Frigate, Kixk. Once inside they must proceed and break out a Jedi kept on board.


RC-1106, Screw

RC-1358, Reaper

RC-1424, Azure

RC-1239, Archer

CC-55/8746, Commander Glynth

CT-1843, Advisor

Unnamed Clone Co-Pilot

CT-734, Hammersmith



The episode is named Introductory Chaos, due to the fact of chaos that happened during the Battle of Geonosis and the fate of Acklay Squad's Gunship

S1E2 Has one of the smallest script sizes due to most of it being unplanned firefights and ariel sequences 

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