RC-1239, or "Archer" was a Clone Commando during the Clone Wars and later on into Galactic Civil War. He was Acklay Squad's Sergeant and led them throughout the war.


Acklay Squad and Archer was present at the Battle of Geonosis. Acklay squad was deployed to a ODP while Mace Windu and Luminara Unduli went to the ground to disable the ground defense platforms. At the request of Admiral Garm, Acklay Squad was deployed to neutralize the Orbital Platform, on route they recieved a hologram from their Adviser, who directed them throughout the facility and guided them to their objectives, Acklay Squad was one of the first groups to be deployed outside of the main invasion force. Acklay Squad suceeded their mission and was back in time for the Land Invasion.

Upon re-landing in the Judgement, Acklay squad was almost instantly redirected to another Gunship for Operation Dke Hadan, which was to break into a Geonosian Frigate and liberate a captured Jedi and her platoon. Acklay boarded a gunship piloted by CT-1324, or "Hammersmith" and was deployed, unfortunatly, the gunship was ambushed by Hailfires, and Archer directed the pilots away from the missiles, while RC-1358 was able to shoot two of the Hailfires, one survived and downed the gunship. The squad and Hammersmith survived the crash, but Hammersmith was wounded in action and had to be left until a spare medical transport could arrive, a small squabble happened due to the Squad's choice to leave the wounded Hammersmith, but Archer had to agree the mission was their primary objective. On foot they walked and climbed the Geonosian Frigate "Kixk" and began to slice in, however a droid patrol spotted the squad and opened fire. After a small firefight Archer and RC-1424 had defeated the droids and entered the frigate, however, as they were about to enter, the frigate took off and almost threw RC-1106 off, Archer lept forward and grabbed his team-mate's hand and pulled him up. The squad then entered the frigate.

The squad entered the matience shafts and split up, with Archer and RC-1106 going down to the brig. The pair ran into several large patrols, and ended up alerting the ship's commander, Myyr Tact. Myyr sent out droidekas to the pair's location, not realizing there was two other commandos in the engine bay, a sudden blast however, made him fully alert of the Commandos capabilities. The ship jolted around causing most of the droids to be slung into walls, using this advantage Archer and his squadmate, Screw took down the droidekas with a shot each from the AA attachment. Archer ordered Screw to scan the data logs to find out which cell the Jedi was in, to their dismay, she had already been escorted to the hanger. Myyr, furious at the loss of his droidekas, activated a rayshield covering all but one of the hallways near Archer, and deployed a battlion of droids. Archer realized this was most likely the end of him and Screw so demanded that the other Commandos, Azure and Reaper to continue to the hanger-bay and rescue the Jedi. Reaper didn't obey the command and set the elevator for Archer's level, quickly arriving to save his brothers. Furious, Archer yelled at Reaper for letting the droids escape with the Jedi, but was soon stopped by Screw, who had hacked into the flight logs and found no results of any recent departures and had mapped out a route. Reunited, the squad pushed through the hallways and into the hanger's command room and repelled down into the hall below ready to rescue the Jedi, Meera Al-Soffiin.

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